Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pretty or Painfully Pink?

I've always been a lover of deep colors. Jewel tones and spices. My favorite is Chinese red. Pastels just seemed too insipid.

Today these pink foil German Dresden papers arrived for my store along with some velvet millinery flowers. I just happened to have out some vintage French postcards. It was a perfect storm of pink. Somehow it doesn't seem too insipid. Somehow it looks rich and glorious.

Ever wonder what part color plays in your everyday life? I don't have the answers, just the questions. I just know that I lived in too many rented places with all white walls and the minute I owned my own place, the walls were sage and sunflower. Every last bit of white, even every ceiling was a rich color. And looking around makes me happy. A friend once looked at the red walls and midnight blue ceiling of one of my rooms and said "I sure wish I had the nerve to paint my bedroom like this." She was in her 70's. If not now, when? Who are your rooms for?

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