Friday, September 30, 2011

Norma DeCamp Santa Artist DVD Slideshow

I think the last time I updated you on Norma Decamp she was living in the Dominican Republic working in her son's mission.  She gave up her thriving Santa making business to labor hard physically in a very different climate and conditions than her North Carolina cottage.  A serious illness made her reconsider her choice and move back home. 

 I'm sure all her collectors are happy to see her well and back making Santas.  I understand her wanting to be right in the trenches working but I think donations from the proceeds of her Santas might be more helpful.  She was given a talent and the best use for that is to keep right on fashioning her Santas and Belsnickles.

Norma has 1000's of pictures of her Santas and she sent me around 300 of them so I could make a slide show so her collectors could see her past and recent work.  I felt kind of honored to be entrusted with this.

  I came up with a very simple DVD of about 300 of her Santa photos and I have it for sale here at $14.99 . Fifty percent of the profits go to Norma who sends them to her son's mission.  A second DVD is already in the planning stages.The DVD is about 30 minutes long and I think might be a nice little "background" to put on the television at Christmas when a movie might be too intrusive. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

If Not Now, When?

   For too many years I've lived with all white walls.  Too much moving from here to there and living in rented condos, apartments, houses, duplexes, all sharing all white walls.  Now that I have my own home I want saturated colors on every wall, on every ceiling. And I'm certainly not afraid of color.  My bedroom is orange walls covered in a red glaze to make a rich Chinese red.  The ceiling is midnight blue.  All taken from a poster I love.

A friend in her 80's stopped by to see my house before she and her husband were to move away to be closer to their children so they could keep an eye on them.   She saw the bedroom and exclaimed "If only I had the nerve to paint my house this way".  If not now, when?  Haven't you been sensible long enough?  Her new condo was taken over and painted by her daughters and daughter-in-law.  Sensible pastel colors.   Being sensible women they wouldn't have allowed exotic or strong-willed colors.


   A few weeks ago at a local antique mall I came across a vintage plaster lamp of three owls.  The sort of lamp repulsive but compelling.  $9.  I had to have it.  My friend rolled her eyes and my husband was hoping he would accidentally drop it on the way to the car.  But I knew it would be the perfect lamp for the corner of my desk.  And it is.  Funny thing is I purchased a magazine a few days later (Flea Market Style) and on page 19 was my lamp.  The article was about "cool, ugly lamps".  That about covers it.

    My decorating style is mostly about happy accidents or just accidents.   World Market had a great sale on a big wood table with 4 chairs and bench.  Carrying it up the stairs we scratched (gouged) the paint.  Rather than touch it up, why not repaint.  My olive green living room is now a stormy blue.  Not a thing was bought to coordinate.  Everything I own has been bought independently, on a whim, and mostly from Goodwill and ebay.  But it works.  It works for me.   You see I don't have to be brave to paint my walls red and ceilings blue or buy ugly owl lamps.  I don't care what anyone thinks of my style or lack of it.  I'm just compensating for too many years of all white walls.   And I don't want to be in my 80's and thinking I have to have nerve to paint my walls colors that make me happy rather than someone else happy.  There is no someday.  There is only now.  And if not now, when?