Thursday, May 6, 2010

Norma Decamp Update

Some of you are waiting for a cd of Norma Decamp's work. If you're not familiar with her she's an artist primarily known for her Santa Claus figures. Her work can be found in collections around the world, from Tom Cruise to Oprah. She lives now at a mission in Samana Bay in the Dominican Republic. The mission was founded by her son David, also an artist. Although she meant to devote herself to the mission, Norma can't help but create and she's still making Santas and other figures like this. The cd will be made in the near future and I'll be offering it for sale. In the next few weeks I'll do some installments on Norma's life and work. She recently generously shared lots of photos and a lovely letter about life at the mission, which I will soon share with you.
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