Sunday, May 23, 2010

What Santa Claus Does in Summer

The  latest work from Santa Claus maker Norma Decamp and her son David Decamp.  Accompanied by a bit of prose that Norma writes about each piece that she makes.
Benjamin has been carving birds all his life.    His father was once a pirate and Benjamin
grew up loving the sea.
Homer is Benjamin's grandson.
Ben carves birds down by the sea each day
and brings his work home at night to paint.
He sells them to the tourists that come by
and Homer is usually close by his side.
He lovingly carved Homer's sailboat and horse 
and Homer is so proud of them.

Benjamin stands 15 inches” and Homer almost 8”
They are sitting on a piece of driftwood from Samana Bay
It measures 15 inches”. The birds were all hand carved by David, and hand painted. The tallest is an Ibis and stands 3 ½” tall. They vary from Spoonbills to Peacocks.

Work is designed and created by Norma DeCamp and David Decamp of Samana Bay Mission, Dominican Republic

Mother and Son

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  1. Oh wow these are really neat. so artistic and adorable.